Day: May 1, 2012


I feel so blessed to know the joy

Of holding a child close to me

To count their fingers and their toes

And to have carried them in my belly


I take pride in knowing

That I will be there for them always

Even when they are done growing


There is nothing else in life

That is as wonderful as a mother

I will love them until my hearts stops beating

This love is like no other.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Moments in the Morning

Oh how she despised the mornings, much better to lay sleeping quietly and peacefully with just the dreams in her mind. Awaking early in the morning was only good if she was able to do it as the sun began to peek its head out, while the grass was still dewy and everyone else was still sleeping so quietly and peacefully with only their dreams; a chance to think, uninterrupted by the sound of little children’s laughter and pitter patter through the upstairs hallway. With just a cup of coffee and thought. Who was she anymore? Was she someone who only had one purpose in her life or was there more for her in this life than what she had now? With the cup of coffee almost gone and children’s laughter starting to echo through the house she smiled and thought to herself, the possibilities in this life are endless but only with the one’s you love. She realized she need to be more like these children flying down the stairs with so much joy and laughter, their faces so bright with life, like every day brought them a new gift.