Drew and Kinsey Part 1

It was as if out of nowhere the earth started falling. The clouds grew darker and it was just a little bit harder to breathe. There was no way she was going to survive this on her own. The knowledge of this lingered for a moment before she reached for her phone. “I need you to come now…..no I can’t wait five minutes just please come now”. She tried to set the phone down but her trembling hand would not cooperate with her and the phone slid onto the floor of the car. That face was a face she could never forget.

She waited in her car until he pulled up behind her. He knew her well enough to know the urgency in her voice was more than he could understand in a phone call, for this she was grateful. “What is it that you need Kinsey?” He had started talking as he made his way up to the passenger side window. She looked over at him quickly and said, “Get in”. With a sigh he slid into the passenger seat and slammed the door behind him. “We can’t keep doing this Kinsey, something has got to give. I have a life now, it took a while but I have one, when are you going to get one?” She chuckled a little and rolled her eyes, the nervousness now gone from her body quickly being replaced by rage.

“Look over there”. He followed her gaze until he saw a girl, about the age of 22, sitting across the street in the park. “Who….” He trailed off and sat forward just a little more in his seat. He looked over at Kinsey and he knew exactly why she had sounded as if the sky had just fallen. “Drew that is our daughter”.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

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