Drew and Kinsey Part 2

6 Years Ago

“Anna, lets go….we are going to be late.” Kinsey yelled up the stairs becoming a little exasperated that her 16 year old was still barricaded in the bathroom.

“Mom I am just going to walk it will be fine. See you later.”

“Now she tells me,” with a sigh Kinsey grabbed her purse and rushed out the front door hoping that she was going to make her morning meeting on time. It didn’t even occur to her that she never said good bye, or I love you to her only child.

Anna put the finishing touches on her hair making sure it curled just perfectly the reflection of the sun would make it shine. Shooting herself one more smile in the mirror she flipped off the bathroom light and closed the bathroom door behind her. She walked out the front door and closed it behind her, not realizing that she would never see the inside of her beautiful home again.

The air was warm and every so often a cool breeze would catch the bottom of Anna’s skirt and force her to smooth it out. “I am going to be so late” she muttered to herself as she stopped at the corner to cross the street. She could see a car starting to slow down to let her cross but before she could step into the road the car stopped directly in her path. “Do you need a ride? It looks like you are in a hurry”. For just a moment a bubble of nervousness hit her stomach but it quickly passed when she realized the guy was wearing a letterman jacket from Maxwell High. It was a big school so she wasn’t too surprised that she had never seen him before. His dark hair hung just a little over his emerald green eyes. She smiled at him unaware that she was smiling into the face of evil. “I would love a ride; I will never get to first period in time if I walk”. He leaned over and popped open the passenger side door and without a second thought they were driving away.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012


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