The Pillow

My pillow seems to contain a magic potion…meaning whenever I lay my head upon it I am suddenly flooded with beautiful thoughts that I could turn into amazing words. That being said you might find most of my musings will take place in the middle of the night. You may also find that they are full of terrible punctuation and misspellings because let’s face it an iPhone isn’t the best way to create something.

I want to share a thought I had about a picture I saw today. I subscribe to a site that includes these cute little handmade polymer clay cupcakes. She does a huge variety of themes like careers and animals and even the Disney princesses (Gini’s clay creations). I saw one in particular tonight that really struck at my heart strings. It was for pregnancy and infant loss awareness. I lost two babies in pregnancy and it is a very sad thing to go through. Be expecting some kind of writing to come from this because it really tugged at my heart strings.


With that being said does anyone else seem to have deep thoughts in the middle of the night when they should be sleeping? Or any other strange times of day?



  1. I have strange thoughts and musings all day long, from color combos, to chapter titles for my life story. The chapter for 1987 would be “The Year a Princess Was Born” 🙂

  2. When we near sleep our subconscious surfaces near the conscious and we are able to catch glimpses of our deeper understandings, feelings, and even buried memories. This is why many writers, such as the poet William Stafford, choose to write in the early morning after waking. It’s not just feelings, as you say; images surface too, as do unlikely connections. I’ve always found it to be a great resource for surrealistic elements to invite into my poetry. I think it’s awesome you capture these moments with your iphone. If you ignore them they will not come back to you the same way. In the past I’ve kept small recorders on the side of the bed, and always a pen and paper. But yes, jotting in the dark half-asleep makes for messy writing whether it’s with a pencil or a keypad. –mb

    1. Pen and paper needs to be added ASAP next to my bed. It is so much easier to scribble then try to type on my phone!!! And thank you for sharing that little bit of info on writing early in the morning. It makes perfect sense. 🙂



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