Day: May 31, 2012

Thank You!

I was just nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award from Food Stories (( I am so happy. This means a lot to me, my blog is still in its infantile stage and this makes me so proud! I always had all these ideas floating around inside my head, but for me the way I began this blog was sitting down and just forcing myself to type. Type anything and see if I could make something out of it, and there came the birth of my current short story Drew and Kinsey. I need to nominate 5 other blogs so here goes…

1) The Nice Thing About Strangers

2) iwritetheseforyou

3) Poems&Writing

4) silverpoetry

5) Soulmetry

I love these blogs and they are interesting, inspiring, and beautiful!

Much love~Ash

Black and Blue Love Song

Build her up

Break her down

It’s no surprise

She doesn’t want him around

A beautiful love

Gone terribly wrong

She never thought she would sing

This black and blue love song

Her heart is now shattered

Her wings have been clipped

All the bruises he caused

Don’t seem to have mattered.

The tears cease to come though

Revenge is much sweeter than sorrow.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Another Note….

I wonder if every person who puts words down feels that their work is never good enough. If it comes from your brain does it always seem strange? Especially with story writing? I hear good things, and positive criticism and I wonder if I will ever feel my writing is something special…I want to create something fabulous, but I view myself as just an ordinary person. Does anyone else feel this way about their own work sometimes?

Much love,