Month: June 2012

Ms. Busy Bee

I have been so busy I have neglected my blog! Hope you all forgive me 🙂 I have been working on Reborn and will probably post an excerpt with a few days. I am also reading an amazing book right now that I don’t to put down. The Perfect Husband by Douglas Wickard. You should check it out 🙂

Much Love~Ash

Self Publishing

I want to publish a small book of poetry so I figured I would be able to find something that gave a step by step guide that I could actually understand. HA! I am still trying to figure out what the HECK I am doing. Maybe I should try submitting it to a publisher and see if I get any bites. IF and when I figure out what I am doing I will definitely make sure I post something about my experience.

Much love~ Ash

Prologue to Reborn

This is the prologue to my new project, Reborn. I am looking for some feedback so please feel free to let me know what you think. 

           The first time he did it…it was dark, raining, and lightning was crackling through the clouds. She felt his hand connect with her face and she went down. Shocked and still hanging onto her bravery she picked herself up and flew at him with a rage she had never felt. When she heard him laugh she knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life. In seconds she was up against the wall with his hand around her throat. She could barely see him except for when the lighting flashed; there was no escaping his strength.

            He leaned close to her ear and whispered “You don’t want to play this game with me”. He tightened his hand and then released her with such a quickness she had no time to get her bearings, instead falling to the floor in a heap of body parts. She sat there, silent, waiting for him to do something more, kill her perhaps. He simply turned and walked out of the room. With shaky legs she made her way to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. What the hell just happened? This was nothing like the man she knew.

            To afraid to come out of the bathroom she decided to run a bath for herself instead, at least she would have a reason to stay behind the locked door for as long as she could. Dumping in some lavender bath salts her mind was still reeling from his violence. As she slowly took her clothes off she peered into the mirror to check and see if he left behind any bruises. Her neck was still pink from where his hand had cut off her airway. Her cheek was burning and red like a lobster. Damn.

            The warm water cradled her like a baby and she lay there thinking. She was only 17 years old. She had left home when she met John, a shining star in this small town. He proclaimed his love for her and told her that he needed her to be with him, and her naiveté concealed any other facts she should have considered. It had only been about six months since she had shown up on his doorstep with a garbage bag in her hand and a backpack on her back. Everything seemed to be going nicely, she cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, and helped pay the bills with the little bit of money she made from working at the only coffee shop in town.

            She almost jumped out of the bathwater when she heard the light tapping on the bathroom door. “Elise, unlock the door honey. I am so sorry.” For what seemed like an hour she sat there, debating in her head if she should let him in. She pulled the plug in the bathtub and dried herself off. Cinching her bathrobe around her waist she apprehensively clicked the lock on the door and stepped back.

            John opened the door slowly and she could see the moisture around his eyes. “I am so sorry Elise.” He walked over to her and lowered to his knees, pressing his head into her stomach. She stiffened, not wanting him anywhere near her. As he cried out his apologies he got into her mind just a little more. Her heart was starting to break for him, this man she loved so much in such a little amount of time. Surely he really was sorry. He couldn’t be faking such raw emotion, as he promised her over and over again that he would rather die than hurt her again.

            She laid a hand on the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair. He looked up at her, his eyes remorseful, and begged her to come to bed with him. She nodded and as he stood he grabbed her hand and led the way.

All That I Have Taken

His eyes seem to


Deep into my soul

Finding strength

Where I see weakness

Finding love

Where I see hatred

Making sense

Out of a heart

That was once a mess

He travels

Through my soul

And finds a solid


He is so full of love


And dedication

I don’t deserve

All that he has given

All that I have taken

Putting it out there for suggestions….

I finished my short story…well the blog version anyway 😉 I still can not seem to come up with a good title for it. If you have any suggestions I am all ears (or eyes?). I hope you enjoy the last and final part. I have been jotting some new ideas and can’t wait to get started on them.

Much love~Ash

Drew and Kinsey Part 10

“Look over there”. He followed her gaze until he saw a girl, about the age of 22, sitting across the street in the park. “Who….” He trailed off and sat forward just a little more in his seat. He looked over at Kinsey and he knew exactly why she had sounded as if the sky had just fallen. “Drew that is our daughter”.

Drew shook his head. She called him for this? He had to find a babysitter and drive all the way out here for THIS? “Kinsey….enough”. He turned, grabbed the door handle and was about to open the door when he heard her. “It’s not her is it?” His eyes widened and he turned back to her, shocked. “No Kinsey, it’s not”. Then as if a tidal wave of understanding hit her like a semi she started crying. In this moment he knew that no matter how distant they had been she needed him to hold her. He wrapped his arms around her and they sat there for what seemed like hours.

When the tears finally started to subside he switched gears and grabbed her hand. “Are you ok?” “She isn’t coming back is she?” Kinsey asked. Drew was breaking down inside, “No babe…I don’t think she is”. “It has been six years, we haven’t heard anything, it is like she has disappeared.” Wincing at this, Kinsey looked straight into Drew’s eyes, “Do you ever wonder what happened to her?”

How could he put this to her without making it sound as if he was the worst person on the face of the planet? “I used to all the time, but since Harper and Asher were born I really try to just enjoy the two new little people we have now”. Silence. “They are beautiful aren’t they?” Drew took a deep breath, now was as good of a time as any. “They need you Kinsey you are such a wonderful mother and you need to come back to us. We can get through this I know we can.” More silence. Kinsey looked over at him once more and said, “I’m ready”.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012