Day: June 2, 2012

Falling Out of Faith

Falling out of faith

Catch me if you can

Give all this madness

All this pain

Some sort of plan

The sickness drags me down

As I fight to get back to the top

One breath of air

Before the lights go out

Reach for my hand

Don’t let me slip from your grasp

I am falling out of faith

With this one last gasp

© Ashley M. Nee 2012


I am feeling inspired today, but unfortunately if I ever want to graduate from college I must do homework! I am listening to the Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More when I need to get inspired and this got me thinking….does anything specific inspire you? What do you do to power through? Can’t wait to sit down and write the rest of my short story for you! There will be ten parts total, and 5 have been posted. Keep in mind it is only a first draft and I have so many plans to expand it in the future, but I do appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read something so important to me.

Much love ~Ash