Day: June 3, 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 6

A side note: This part was kept shorter and a little more sweet than my original plans. The finished version will be much more detailed. I don’t want to offend anyone in a public setting. Enjoy!!

So much time had passed that Anna was starting to forget the small things, like names of friends from her old high school, or what classes she had been taking before her life turned into…well whatever this was. She guessed it had been about 4 years since she had seen her parents. She had no reason to really pay attention to time anymore; she was only here for one purpose. A typical day was centered on the perverted intimacy she was forced to share with strange men. Occasionally her skin still quivered in fear at the touch of someone with darkness in their eyes.

Her very first roommate, Laurey, tried to escape once in the very beginning. She didn’t make it very far and for the rest of the night every other girl in the house tried to block out the sounds of blood curdling screams until silence fell. Somehow the screams had been more comforting compared to the silence that echoed throughout the house for the following days. No one dared mention what happened, but you could sit in their faces. After that Anna decided that if she ever wanted a chance to go home she would quietly accept her current fate.

A beautiful blonde girl stuck her head into Anna’s room. “Big party tonight, VIP’s”. Before Anna could respond the door closed swiftly behind the girl. Anna shook her head and looked deep into the vanity mirror reflection. That girl was no more than 13; she swore they kept getting younger. Never in her life had she ever been surrounded by such sorrow and sadness.

VIP’s meant couture dresses, red soled stilettos, and a beautiful face. It meant flutes of champagne, and a party that could go on for days. This was her life now; nothing near luxurious, but it was what it was. She walked over to her closet; pulled down a beautiful black dress…black was so fitting. Every day felt like a march to her grave.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012