Day: June 16, 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 9

Anna was sure as soon as someone found out, there would be no more use for her. What was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in her life was going to be the saddest things she had gone through. It should have been a day to share with her husband, her mother, and all the other people she loved in her life. Instead she was fearfully checking herself in the mirror everyday to see if that day would be the day it no longer went unnoticed. It had been a long time since she had yearned for her mother, but today with her head hanging over the bathroom sink she kept seeing her mother’s face as her stomach heaved.

A baby. A baby was sure to change things. It would only take one man who forced himself on her to say something to Karloff…and then what would happen to her? Would they take her baby and sell it? If it was a girl would they raise it and pimp her out? If it was a boy would he grow up to be like these men who silently stood around the house keeping all these young girls prisoner in this dreary house? She didn’t even want to think of what it would mean to her, an impending death she was sure.

There was no one to tell, no one that she wanted to tell anyway. Days went by and soon she noticed the small pudge begin to pop up. She knew she could only hide it for so long. She would have to make the biggest decision in this babies life before the baby even came. She fell asleep at night, weighing her options. Should she try to escape? It wasn’t going to happen. Should she wait until someone noticed and deal with it from there? There was only one option that seemed right to her.

It was in the backseat of a car on a very rainy night. The moon was guarded closely by dark rolling clouds. She settled into the seat and let her mind wander to old memories that she had locked away long ago to keep them safe, untarnished from the life she knew now. Years of Christmas mornings flooded through her mind, the first time she rode a bike, her first kiss, Sunday shopping with her mother. There were so many things that she needed to remember in this moment.

Anna rested her hand on her belly and rubbed it gently. She prayed that God would forgive her for what she was about to do and said a small prayer. Before she could change her mind she lunged forward through the middle of the front seat and jerked the wheel with every ounce of hatred she had built up over the years. The driver looked at her with shock on his face…they were spiraling through the air. She gave a small laugh, looked deep into his eyes and said……

“I WIN”.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012