Intro to 7 Deadly Sins

It wasn’t until she was much older, sitting in her living room and smiling at the pictures of her family as they surrounded her, that she realized her past had come together in a most unique way. Her past lovers had been her downfall, her seven deadly sins so to say, and they all led up to this moment right now. She was never one to have any regrets in her life and even after thinking back to all of her indiscretions she was still proud of the woman she had become.

            With nothing to keep her busy anymore, she fished around for pen and paper. Perhaps she would jot it down and hide it somewhere. Surely whoever would find it would be in for a juicy read. She chuckled as she let her mind wander back to the days when her whole life was ahead of her, rather than behind her.

            As she searched for a pen she crossed paths with an old mirror hanging on the wall. She stared deeply into her reflection, admiring her wrinkles and sparsely scattered age spots. Her brown hair had long since been streaked with gray hair, giving her a settled in life look. Her hair had somehow become curly over the years, she never could figure out why; perhaps it was the occasional perms she had subjected her hair too. Long ago, before marriage and children and houses and pets she was a fine looking young woman. With a sigh she smiled into the mirror and watched the crows feet crinkle around her eyes as her hand located a pen. 

© Ashley M. Nee 2012



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