Book Review: Something Blue by Emily Griffin



Something Blue by Emily Griffin

I very much so liked the idea that this was all told in Darcy’s voice. For probably the first half of the book my mouth was hanging open in shock over the blatant rude tendencies of Darcy’s character. I was shaking my head at her observations of other people and the pure shallowness that came with every thought she had. The second half of the book, when she moved to London I was thrilled to see the character transformation that took place because of Ethan. By the end of the book I was in tears, so happy to have closure of the journey with Darcy, Rachel, Dex, and Ethan. There are many books out there that leave you wanting for more but never deliver. This was excellent read.


  1. I liked this book, too, and felt the same way about Darcy’s shallowness and transformation. I was very impressed that Giffin managed to turn Darcy into a sympathetic character by the end. SOMETHING BLUE is my favorite of her books.

    1. I love books that I can really feel like I know the character and I am right there with them as they change and grow! I just started Baby Proof….did you like that one?


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