Staying Creative




A few of the things I do are:

Carry a Notebook

Free Write

Make lists….lots of lists

Write down every idea, who knows what I can do with it!!!

Do you do anything from this list to help you stay creative? Is there anything not on this list that you do?



  1. I listen to new music and try to write all of my ideas down. I keep a notebook by my bed because sometimes a new idea will pop into my head as I’m trying to fall asleep. I need to get more rest haha.

  2. Here are some I do:

    Drink coffee/tea
    Listen to new music
    Don’t give up
    Practice, practice, practice
    Count your blessings
    Got an idea? Write it down.

    And one I need to do right now: clean my workspace 🙂

    1. Dave, I perhaps need to try counting my blessings? Lately for me I just have to force myself to write something, anything, even if it stinks haha. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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