I am no professional writer by any means but I aspire to publish something….someday. I write from the heart but am always open to what others have to say. Please feel free to provide any constructive criticism or words of wisdom for me. I am also a college student and a mother of three so there may be some days where I can’t post much of anything because I am so busy. I hope you enjoy whatever you come across on here and thank you for reading.

~Ashley M. Nee










  1. Your thoughts completely echoes mine! I aspire to publish something someday too.. πŸ™‚ Your honesty and sincerity comes through, Ash. Will be walking along with you on this blogging journey! πŸ™‚

  2. Why thank you!! I am going to start something soon with images and stories or poems from those images. I ma excited for it…hope you enjoy it as well.


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