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Work in Progress

I was working on my book last night and I was so focused on one idea, and frankly was getting really irate. One of my family members asked me what was going on so I explained it to them and they said “Well why don’t you just do this…..” uhhhh why didn’t I just think of that an hour ago myself. Moral to the story? If someone offers you help in something you are stuck on….listen because you never know what fresh eyes will bring to your attention. After all, advice from people who read can be priceless little gems. The answer was really so simple I was kicking myself in the butt.

On that note my w.i.p Reborn is coming along slowly. I am really pleased with what I have so far. Still trying to find a way to manage my time effectively so I don’t spend it all in one place (damn those two papers for school that still need to be done).


Self Publishing

I want to publish a small book of poetry so I figured I would be able to find something that gave a step by step guide that I could actually understand. HA! I am still trying to figure out what the HECK I am doing. Maybe I should try submitting it to a publisher and see if I get any bites. IF and when I figure out what I am doing I will definitely make sure I post something about my experience.

Much love~ Ash

Putting it out there for suggestions….

I finished my short story…well the blog version anyway 😉 I still can not seem to come up with a good title for it. If you have any suggestions I am all ears (or eyes?). I hope you enjoy the last and final part. I have been jotting some new ideas and can’t wait to get started on them.

Much love~Ash

My short story…

    This short story has been a huge journey for me. I have tried really hard to keep the writers block away and sit down and force myself to write something…whether I go back 20 times and hit the delete key is regardless to me. This is my dream, to take my words and touch someone’s heart, if even for just a moment. I love all of you who read not only my poetry, but also my fiction pieces. Just knowing that someone else is reading makes me feel like I am taking baby steps to that ultimate goal. Just wanted you all to know I am still here, writing when I can (when my children will let me). Thanks for hanging in with me and for giving me beautiful feedback. 

Much love~ Ash 


I am feeling inspired today, but unfortunately if I ever want to graduate from college I must do homework! I am listening to the Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More when I need to get inspired and this got me thinking….does anything specific inspire you? What do you do to power through? Can’t wait to sit down and write the rest of my short story for you! There will be ten parts total, and 5 have been posted. Keep in mind it is only a first draft and I have so many plans to expand it in the future, but I do appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read something so important to me.

Much love ~Ash

Another Note….

I wonder if every person who puts words down feels that their work is never good enough. If it comes from your brain does it always seem strange? Especially with story writing? I hear good things, and positive criticism and I wonder if I will ever feel my writing is something special…I want to create something fabulous, but I view myself as just an ordinary person. Does anyone else feel this way about their own work sometimes?

Much love,