Treading Water

Say something


Fight me

Love me

But please don’t forget me

Don’t stop seeing me

Standing here

I am treading water



No way to move forward

With no way to get back


To where we used to be

A different time

When I was so sure

That I was yours

And you were mine

© Ashley M. Nee 2013

Keeping you for a While

Barreling through

Break these walls down

Teach me how to feel

Bring love back around


Life is too short

And I don’t care if it is wrong

Happiness has stayed away

For far too long


I can only do little things

It seems so unfair

To have someone like you

Trying so hard not to care


You know just how to

Make me smile

I would do anything

To keep you for a while


And when the day comes

That you are gone

I will be content in knowing

I made you happy before you moved on.

© Ashley M. Nee 2013

All That I Have Taken

His eyes seem to


Deep into my soul

Finding strength

Where I see weakness

Finding love

Where I see hatred

Making sense

Out of a heart

That was once a mess

He travels

Through my soul

And finds a solid


He is so full of love


And dedication

I don’t deserve

All that he has given

All that I have taken