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Drew and Kinsey Part 6

A side note: This part was kept shorter and a little more sweet than my original plans. The finished version will be much more detailed. I don’t want to offend anyone in a public setting. Enjoy!!

So much time had passed that Anna was starting to forget the small things, like names of friends from her old high school, or what classes she had been taking before her life turned into…well whatever this was. She guessed it had been about 4 years since she had seen her parents. She had no reason to really pay attention to time anymore; she was only here for one purpose. A typical day was centered on the perverted intimacy she was forced to share with strange men. Occasionally her skin still quivered in fear at the touch of someone with darkness in their eyes.

Her very first roommate, Laurey, tried to escape once in the very beginning. She didn’t make it very far and for the rest of the night every other girl in the house tried to block out the sounds of blood curdling screams until silence fell. Somehow the screams had been more comforting compared to the silence that echoed throughout the house for the following days. No one dared mention what happened, but you could sit in their faces. After that Anna decided that if she ever wanted a chance to go home she would quietly accept her current fate.

A beautiful blonde girl stuck her head into Anna’s room. “Big party tonight, VIP’s”. Before Anna could respond the door closed swiftly behind the girl. Anna shook her head and looked deep into the vanity mirror reflection. That girl was no more than 13; she swore they kept getting younger. Never in her life had she ever been surrounded by such sorrow and sadness.

VIP’s meant couture dresses, red soled stilettos, and a beautiful face. It meant flutes of champagne, and a party that could go on for days. This was her life now; nothing near luxurious, but it was what it was. She walked over to her closet; pulled down a beautiful black dress…black was so fitting. Every day felt like a march to her grave.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 4

It had been two weeks and already Anna had learned a few things. The first was that she wasn’t the only one who was suffering this inconceivable fate. The second was that it went without being said that you didn’t ask any questions. Anna now lived in what resembled a second rate dorm room. She even had a roommate, Laurey. They tried not to talk about the past, only the present because neither of them wanted to miss home. Laurey was roughly the same age as Anna, but in this place age didn’t really seem to matter.

As far as she could tell there were about 10 of them. Sometimes one girl would disappear and no one would ask what happened to her, but everyone wondered. Anna hadn’t seen the outside in who knew how long. She didn’t know the date. The only thing available to them was a clock and that was only because the others had to be ready to go at a certain times of the day. Laurey came around the same time that Anna did and she also had not left their prison since she first entered. They seemed to be the outsiders and none of the other girls talked to them, every once in a while they would shoot a sorrowful glance their direction and then look quickly away.

The doors were guarded by barrel armed men, men who looked like they would have no problem with doing bodily harm to anyone who tried to get out. All the windows were boarded up in the house except for one in the main common area. As far as Anna could tell they were just in the middle of nowhere, there was only land, there were no visible roads and no other people anywhere around. Anna knew she could literally be anywhere that didn’t have weather like California. Thankfully she had been supplied a pair of sweatpants to wear instead of just the skirt she had been wearing when she disappeared. It was much colder than home here and it never seemed to really warm up.

Laurey was fun. They tried to adjust to whatever type of situation they were in, but it was hard, not knowing why they had to endure this for just sitting around in an old house. Then it happened. Karloff came to their room and pulled the door closed behind him.

“I think you are ready,” he said drawing one side of his mouth up almost as if he was smiling. “Take these clothes and share them, take a shower, and be downstairs by 7 p.m”. With that he turned around, opened the door and walked out. Anna looked at Laurey and said, “I guess we are about to find out our fate”. Anna opened up one of the bags and felt nothing but dread. The clothes were beautiful, they were beautiful and revealing. Only one image passed though her mind and she started to feel a familiar wetness in her eyes. She shook it off, she knew she could get through it, she may be young but she could find away, she could at least TRY.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 3

As Anna opened her eyes she realized there was nothing but darkness surrounding her. It was so cold her fingers and toes ached.  “Oh my God” Anna let out a sob that echoed around her. The longer her eyes remained open the more shadowy figures she could make out. She was in a room, a small room. She was lying on what felt like a mattress on the floor. Anna squinted her eyes and tried to look for a door. Instead of finding a door she heard a creak and felt her heart drop into her stomach. The door swung open and she was blinded by light, a light so bright you would have thought she had never seen the sun before.

“Good morning beautiful”. Instinctively she tried to draw her body in on itself, praying that if she could just make herself small enough she would disappear altogether. She had never experienced fear like this in all her life. She had no idea what was about to happen to her or who the man standing in the doorway was. How was she going to get out of here if she didn’t even know where she was going?

“What do you want from me??” Her shouting pierced even her own ears.

“Get up now and follow me” his voice sent chills up and down her back. She quickly weighed her options and decided that getting out of this room was the only way to get away from him. Her legs were shaky, and she could barely walk. She somehow mustered the strength to move forward and out the door.

Once she hit the doorway his hand clenched around her wrist and she couldn’t put one foot in front of the other fast enough. By the time she regained her balance she was being forced to sit in a chair.

“Thank you Marx”.

Anna whipped her head around knowing that a second voice meant she was now outnumbered for whatever was going to happen. The second man had blonde hair and soulless, icy blue eyes.

“There are only a few things you need to know. If you run, we will find you and make whatever life you have left not worth living. 4217 Cyper St. will burn to the ground with all the occupants still in it…does that make sense to you?” Anna felt like she had been punched in the stomach and all the air seemed to leave her lungs. All she could do was nod her head.

“You will call me Karloff when you speak to me.” This was a rhetorical statement and so Anna just continued to look at him trying to figure out why she was here. She had no idea how long she had been here, but it seemed like only yesterday that she was hoping in the car with the stranger wearing the Maxwell High letter jacket. If she could have looked into the future a few years down the road she probably would have done everything humanly possible to get away.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 2

6 Years Ago

“Anna, lets go….we are going to be late.” Kinsey yelled up the stairs becoming a little exasperated that her 16 year old was still barricaded in the bathroom.

“Mom I am just going to walk it will be fine. See you later.”

“Now she tells me,” with a sigh Kinsey grabbed her purse and rushed out the front door hoping that she was going to make her morning meeting on time. It didn’t even occur to her that she never said good bye, or I love you to her only child.

Anna put the finishing touches on her hair making sure it curled just perfectly the reflection of the sun would make it shine. Shooting herself one more smile in the mirror she flipped off the bathroom light and closed the bathroom door behind her. She walked out the front door and closed it behind her, not realizing that she would never see the inside of her beautiful home again.

The air was warm and every so often a cool breeze would catch the bottom of Anna’s skirt and force her to smooth it out. “I am going to be so late” she muttered to herself as she stopped at the corner to cross the street. She could see a car starting to slow down to let her cross but before she could step into the road the car stopped directly in her path. “Do you need a ride? It looks like you are in a hurry”. For just a moment a bubble of nervousness hit her stomach but it quickly passed when she realized the guy was wearing a letterman jacket from Maxwell High. It was a big school so she wasn’t too surprised that she had never seen him before. His dark hair hung just a little over his emerald green eyes. She smiled at him unaware that she was smiling into the face of evil. “I would love a ride; I will never get to first period in time if I walk”. He leaned over and popped open the passenger side door and without a second thought they were driving away.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Drew and Kinsey Part 1

It was as if out of nowhere the earth started falling. The clouds grew darker and it was just a little bit harder to breathe. There was no way she was going to survive this on her own. The knowledge of this lingered for a moment before she reached for her phone. “I need you to come now… I can’t wait five minutes just please come now”. She tried to set the phone down but her trembling hand would not cooperate with her and the phone slid onto the floor of the car. That face was a face she could never forget.

She waited in her car until he pulled up behind her. He knew her well enough to know the urgency in her voice was more than he could understand in a phone call, for this she was grateful. “What is it that you need Kinsey?” He had started talking as he made his way up to the passenger side window. She looked over at him quickly and said, “Get in”. With a sigh he slid into the passenger seat and slammed the door behind him. “We can’t keep doing this Kinsey, something has got to give. I have a life now, it took a while but I have one, when are you going to get one?” She chuckled a little and rolled her eyes, the nervousness now gone from her body quickly being replaced by rage.

“Look over there”. He followed her gaze until he saw a girl, about the age of 22, sitting across the street in the park. “Who….” He trailed off and sat forward just a little more in his seat. He looked over at Kinsey and he knew exactly why she had sounded as if the sky had just fallen. “Drew that is our daughter”.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012