A Heavy Sigh

Cold compress

To the eyes

Trying to keep it

All on the inside

You took my heart

And fed it lies

This pain won’t stop

No point to even try

How could I have

Remained so blind

All this time

Not even a goodbye

Tomorrow the sun will shine

But tonight my heart heaves a heavy sigh

© Ashley M. Nee 2013


I wish I could

Rewind time

And stop myself from ever having fallen for you

Promises were made

That neither of us could keep

Time was taken away from us.

Without a moment’s hesitation

Just as life goes on day after day

The life we began making together

Was ripped away.

Neither of us could get it back

And now life is going on

The world is moving still

And you are not here.

How could I ever explain

How sorry I am that this happened

That we took that step without knowing

If we would have a chance to keep walking

Neither of us meant to start something

That would become impossible to finish.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012