What Makes You a Better Writer?

I have said from the beginning that sometimes it is incredibly hard to find the time to sit down and craft your words into a story that people want to read. People lead busy lives they are parents, college students, have full time jobs, volunteer for organizations, the list in endless. So my question to you is what makes you a better writer? Do you set deadlines for yourself? Do you have a certain organization to your writer side? How many hours a day/week do you put into your novels?

On a side note, does your family support you when you sit down to write, do they know that it is important to you? Or do they reat is like a joke?

Much Love~


Self Publishing

I want to publish a small book of poetry so I figured I would be able to find something that gave a step by step guide that I could actually understand. HA! I am still trying to figure out what the HECK I am doing. Maybe I should try submitting it to a publisher and see if I get any bites. IF and when I figure out what I am doing I will definitely make sure I post something about my experience.

Much love~ Ash