Reborn Excerpt 3

The glass door to City Light Realty had a black and white mural on it of a city line. Well that figured anyway given the name. God she really hoped this place could help her out. She took a deep breath, said a small prayer and walked into the building. An older lady looked up from the only desk in the main area. “Hi! I’m Nancy. What can I do for you today”? She seemed friendly enough, and ready to help. “Well…I have been searching for an apartment for several months and I just can’t seem to find anything that works for me”. With a nod, Nancy motioned for her to have a seat in one of the few chairs that lined the wall. Before she walked down the narrow hall to pop her head into one of the open office doors she said, “I didn’t catch your name?” After giving her information to Nancy, Elise grabbed the nearest celebrity gossip magazine as she waited. Naturally there was a greek god in a bathing suit. His tan abs rippled against an ocean back drop. She tossed the magazine back on the table and snorted under her breath, did real men even look like that? Not likely…

Her cynicism was interrupted by a young redhead. The bubbly-ness was just radiating off her perfectly put together person. “Elise?” She smiled and beckoned for Elise to follow her. As Elise sat in the oversized chair the redhead was already clacking on her keyboard. “So my name is Angela, and I am going to be helping you today. What exactly are you looking for in an apartment, what kind of budget are you working with?” Angela was pleased that Elise was not a hard person to please. She wanted her living space to be clean, small was fine, and it had to be in her budget. She became a little more hopeful as she saw a wide smile growing on her agents face. “Elise, do you have some time free today, I think I have a few places you will be dying to see”.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Excerpt 2 REBORN

The smell of delicious pot roast brought Elise back to reality. She was ravenous, how long had it been since she had a good meal? She usually just ate something at the bar, or waited until she got back to the motel and ate something simple. This was definitely what she needed to cheer her spirits after the disappointment of the apartments she looked at today. Margie laid the food in front of her, “Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit and some milk. I know my comfort foods”, she winked at Elise and patted her stomach.

“Are you really going to eat that?” John asked as he sneered at her from across the oak dining room table. She put her fork down and looked at her plate and then back at him. “No, I’m not, you are right I don’t need to eat this much food”. She picked up her plate and excused herself from the table sneaking tiny bites of food into her mouth before she scraped her plate in the garbage. What a waste of such a delicious Chicken Alfredo. She had spent a fair amount of time making it, seasoning the chicken just like he asked her to. She knew she wasn’t fat, if anything she was too skinny. It seemed like she wasn’t allowed to eat anything these days.

As Elise stared at her plate she pushed this memory out of her head, she took a huge bit of the moist pot roast. It melted in her mouth and exploded with flavor. She wished she could cry out “Take that!! You asshole!” but she was pretty sure it would draw some concerned looks her way. She wished she could afford to eat here more often. She beckoned to Margie to come over to the booth, “Everything alright dear”? Laughing quietly under her breath she said, “Yes Margie, I was just wondering if I could get another roll.” Margie was only too happy to oblige her. Could this be what freedom tasted like?

© Ashley M. Nee 2012