A Heavy Sigh

Cold compress

To the eyes

Trying to keep it

All on the inside

You took my heart

And fed it lies

This pain won’t stop

No point to even try

How could I have

Remained so blind

All this time

Not even a goodbye

Tomorrow the sun will shine

But tonight my heart heaves a heavy sigh

© Ashley M. Nee 2013

Keeping you for a While

Barreling through

Break these walls down

Teach me how to feel

Bring love back around


Life is too short

And I don’t care if it is wrong

Happiness has stayed away

For far too long


I can only do little things

It seems so unfair

To have someone like you

Trying so hard not to care


You know just how to

Make me smile

I would do anything

To keep you for a while


And when the day comes

That you are gone

I will be content in knowing

I made you happy before you moved on.

© Ashley M. Nee 2013


What is next

When you look in the mirror

And you no longer know

 Who is staring back at you

 How do we fall so far

 From grace and innocence

When do we discover

The line that we can no longer cross,

And the secrets

We can longer keep

When does light come again

To chase away the darkness

And make us whole.

Where do we find

The glue

 To put the pieces

Back together

After we shatter?

© Ashley M. Nee 2012

Black and Blue Love Song

Build her up

Break her down

It’s no surprise

She doesn’t want him around

A beautiful love

Gone terribly wrong

She never thought she would sing

This black and blue love song

Her heart is now shattered

Her wings have been clipped

All the bruises he caused

Don’t seem to have mattered.

The tears cease to come though

Revenge is much sweeter than sorrow.

© Ashley M. Nee 2012